Why “persnickety” you might ask… isn’t that by definition a word meaning “fussy, picky, and choosy?”

Heck yes!!

Because that’s what I am… I am a super picky mama… I’m picky about the things that go into mine and my childrens’ bodies!!  I like to be able to read labels that make sense to me and use plants I feel will help us when we have a sore throat or muscle ache or whatever else ails us.

I am persnickety.  It’s the reason I cook dinner from scratch and insist my kids eat real vegetables… It’s the reason I grow those vegetables in our garden…. it’s the reason I ask questions at the doctor’s office… it’s the reason I chose to go to school to pursue my master herbalism degree (which I’m currently in the middle of) and it’s the reason I started this blog.

Persnickety Mama is for people (moms, dads, or not) who lean to the crunchy side… Herbs, Honey, and Hugs make the world a better place… so let’s use more of them!!